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Royal Sigma

About Us

Royal Sigma is one of the leading independent distribution companies that owns, markets and distributes a wide selection of food and beverage products and brands. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in London, UK, our company grew rapidly and this success can be attributed to our strategic vision, insightful product development and an ambition to establish European brands in the GCC and African region.

Royal Sigma has been founded and built on the concept of identifying the right opportunities based on the supply and demand and delivering the goods at the most optimal value while providing customers with the exceptional service. Royal Sigma is committed to professional approach, meeting and exceeding customers’ expectations, and protecting interests of our Business Partners.

With a unique and highly efficient supply chain system, Royal Sigma is able to provide customised services to several business verticals, for example, Distribution, Wholesale, Export and Retail segments. Our network spreads across Germany, UK, Bulgaria, Greece, GCC and African region. We work with people who pride themselves on understanding market dynamics, consumers’ needs and how our brands fit in the particular market, ensuring that both our company and our product range grow organically.

Royal Sigma


Royal Sigma strives to be recognised as a performance leader in a business of sourcing high quality products worldwide and delivering a wide range of innovative products to our customers through our extensive supply and distribution network.

Our mission is to become a leading retail and distribution partner to European brands, serving the GCC and African community by responsibly introducing innovative products and quality services to these regions. We endeavour to build a diversified business that provides an exceptional service and superior value to our Stakeholders, while observing the highest ethical and professional standards in all business dealings and the treatment of our employees.

A pioneer in the food and beverages industry, Royal Sigma recognised the potential in distributing high quality products. The company operates from its own premises which include offices and warehouses for the efficient distribution of food and beverages. We have a large and efficient worldwide network of warehouses and distributors for imported consumer goods.

We are dealing with some of the leading European brands and have exclusive distribution rights for brands, such as Marcafe and Berkeley Spring Water (still & sparkling). We are also exclusive distributors for Doner Kebabs Restaurants in the GCC. The product is processed in Germany and Halal certified.

Our expertise is to create comprehensive distribution networks where we can deliver a variety of worlds' goods directly to your door and to multiple depots. We are entrusted by our customers to deliver goods on time and in good condition. We have never let our customers down and we never will, therefore we are continually looking for ways of improving our customer service. We value our customers’ trust and strive to exceed their expectations.

We maintain our own temperature controlled delivery fleet in various sizes and have a supporting field and merchandise personnel.

Royal Sigma


Royal Sigma is an exclusive distributor of one of the best Italian coffee brands - Marcafe. It was founded in 1942 with a dream to blend and sell only world's best coffee. Our persistent research in the processing methods along with our passion for this ancient beverage helped this dream to become a reality. In order to satisfy different requirements and tastes of the customers region - wide, we choose quality, constantly looking for original solutions, new aromas and tastes.

Every day high quality coffee beans arrive to our factory from producer countries' plantations, including Columbia, Congo, Cuba, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Haiti and Puerto Rico. Colombian coffee, however, is our favourite with its strong aroma and extraordinary beans that seem to breathe the world’s reach history.

To visit Marcafe website please click here

Royal Sigma

Doner Kebab

Royal Sigma is an authorised and exclusive distributor of Doner Kebabs which is a German product, Halal certified.

Doner Kebab is a fast food retailer that has created a healthy and nutritionally balanced approach to traditional kebabs. Our processing plant has been operational since 2009 and we have spent years in perfecting the procedures by uniquely blending traditional oriental spices, as well as refining and improving cooking processes. Various markets required different tastes and configurations of the product and we worked diligently to achieve perfection.

The kebabs are made from quality ingredients that are exclusive to Doner Kebab Restaurants. The great taste comes from secret oriental spices used in different types of recipes that set our product apart from our competitors.

Our tried and tested methods are totally different to the way other operators make their kebabs. The result is a nutritional gourmet experience and the food that contains virtually no preservatives or additives and can be consumed during the day or at night. With a strong modern brand and the promotion of healthy, fresh, nutritious ingredients that appeal to a broader market, Doner Kebab can only continue to grow and succeed. Maintaining authenticity and originality in making kebabs is one of the main objectives of the business from the very beginning, and that is how we have established a market position that is far above the rest of the kebab industry.

Royal Sigma

Food and Beverages Brand Distributor

At Royal Sigma, we have many strings to our bow. We are an established multi-category sales, marketing, import and export business, offering unrivalled access to the GCC and African retail, wholesale and food service markets for both our own and selected partner brands.

Our portfolio of market-leading brands is managed by focused sales, marketing and distribution teams dedicated to building profiles of these brands in food and beverages markets worldwide, providing these brands with a great potential for growth.

Our knowledge of not only the GCC and African markets, but also many markets worldwide means that we understand your needs and can advise in the best possible way. Having modern warehouses worldwide, enables us to process and dispatch customer orders quickly and efficiently. We pride ourselves on the smoothness of our operation and welcome visits from our customers.
Each brand is managed uniquely and is carefully positioned in the appropriate market. We specialise in serving the needs of the market aligning our strategy to our suppliers’ global brand strategies.


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